June 20, 2024

Zendesk Showcase London

Creating competitive advantage through better customer experiences

London, UK
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Join us at our partner, Zendesk's Showcase Event in London on Thursday, 20th June.

Afternoon of insight and meaningful connections with over 400 leaders in CX, HR, IT and EX - and their teams. In-person event with the latest AI breakthroughs, keynotes, product sessions, customer success stories and partner expo - all woven together with a touch of humour, cocktails and music!

Success story: activpayroll

Learn how activpayroll leveraged Zendesk, as part of a digital transformation program, to deliver value to its customers and to create the competitive advantage it needed to remain an international leader in its sector.

By focusing on impacting positively on the customer experience, and on reducing the barriers to access the value of its services, the company was able to implement a strategy to gradually deploy the technical capabilities and functional components from Zendesk that will achieve the desired business outcomes.

Join us to learn from this transformation journey, its challenges and successes.


• A surprise host kick starting our journey

• Real-world success stories from leading brands

• Exclusive peeks into the future of intelligent CX

• 1-1 time with Zendesk product experts and leaders

• Networking opportunities to build connections that matter

• Live product announcements and AI breakthroughs

Guest speakers

George Cox, Senior CX Consultant at redk
Claire McDermott, Customer Success Project Manager at activpayroll

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